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“My memory of the sittings was that it was not a chore in any way. I just sat and we chatted. I remember one day sitting on the window seat and the sun was streaming through the window. We just chatted and had a few laughs and suddenly the portrait was done.”

Dame Judi Dench- Actress


“Being painted by Emma Kennaway was a huge pleasure. When someone looks at you that closely and sees you that well, and still manages to be charming and interesting and forgive all your flaws, you don’t forget it.

Philip Pullman -Writer


“I remember my sittings with Emma just as a series of delightful conversations, apparently at the same time as she had been painting a brilliant portrait”

Tim West CBE- Actor


“Sitting for such an attractive person, watching her while she was looking at me was a delightful experience. And the portrait was good too!”

Geoffrey Palmer -Actor


Emma Kennaway

““She combines figurative and emotional precision with a remarkable graphic energy.”

Michael Bywater Writer Broadcaster and Journalist


“There is something both amusing and intense about the relationship which develops as she teases out the person behind the skin. The outcome is not just a painted canvas, everyone who has seen my portrait is stunned by how she has caught the likeness of the spirit.”

Elizabeth Spellar Writer and Journalist


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